You don’t need to be a member in order to support our work or combat for free software philosophy. Free Software Association acts on a basis of participation and self-management. In this context, anyone who devotes zis* labor to the association and works for it can have a say in the association. For this reason, the legal membership procedure is predetermined as a long and difficult process. In the Free Software Association, it is not the titles but the labor.

The Free Software Association accepts members within its statute. FSA has three basic type of membership:

Associate Membership

It’s so easy to become an associate member of FSA, you can just become an associate by sending an SMS. You can start your membership with texting OYD to 8071 in Turkey and approving the response. Your registration will be completed after sending your personal information (Name, e-mail and phone number) to uye {on the server} Your personal information will be keeped under our Privacy Policy.

The procedure of legal membership is explained below:

Juridical persons and those who are interested in honorary membership can read the relevant articles of our statute.

* We use genderless pronouns in our English publications